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DiasMundialesDe DMD (World Days Of) project is a health librarians initiative where other health professionals collaborate in a interdisciplinary team located in several European cities. DMD  team has grown up to 11  professionals and it has become an interdisciplinary group including a physician, a nurse and a pharmacist (besides there is a collaboration with two linguists from Spanish Royal Medicine Academy). Días Mundiales De has developed more tan 30 netvibes and google-site webpages with different health related themes.

Our main objective is to collect, review, update and disseminate curated  information on health promotion, in Spanish, dispersed on the  Internet related to different topics based on International Days which can be interesting for patients, health professionals and scientific societies.

Methodologically the project  is developed following some basic principles: selection by specialized professionals, continuous revision, information source selection, use of technology 2.0 and dissemination to health  professionals and citizens.

The entrance gate of this project is the blog: https://diasmundialesde.wordpress.com/. It  leads to each international day and its information which is aggregated and curated in different virtual desktop platforms, using formerly Netvibes and moving now to Google Sites.

One Netvibes/Google-site account is structured in a similar way through tabs. They all begin with a Home page (where the logo of the event, a brief presentation text and credit of authorship is integrated) and closes with Cover (where we try to offer a curious image, an interesting story or unusual news in order to provide an informal and journalistic view of the subject). In between tabs are: Definitions, Institutions, Patients (tips and health education), Characters, Journals (RSS searches on main publications related to each subject), Books (international catalogs with automated searches on the subject),  PubMed (predefined strategies that allow user to locate the most relevant and current references) Scientific Literature, Evidence, By Region (regional Health Departments from Europe and United States), Audiovisual, News, Statistics, Social media (official selection of contents in social channels like Twitter , Facebook and Blogs), Apps and Movies. Example of one day: (http://www.netvibes.com/dia-mundial-corazon#Portada).

Monthly, the emergence of a new topic page is disseminated through social networks (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Google+) and libraries professional distribution lists (BIB-MED, MEDIRED, FIDEL) and in the health blogosphere.

Professionals  have become aware of  it and are starting to use it and asking for some more days.

World days of  collaborates with Health Aware, an Australian initiative which uses also World days in order to spread health information with nearly the same principles.

The challenge of managing digital information requires reorienting health libraries  functions to generate the resources that users demand. They are no longer stores of  knowledge but leaders in generating new and dynamic information resources.

DMD stands for select and add multidisciplinary information as the collaboration between the different professional profiles shows complementary vision and reaffirms us the benefits of cooperation.


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